Our Accreditations

February 8, 2011

Organic Certification
Our holistic way of working with Nature ensures that Avondale’s 100 hectares of vineyards meet the global standards for organic farming accreditation.  The Dutch-based company, Control Union; one of Europe’s leading certification authorities, independently audits and certifies both Avondale vineyards and cellar.  Avondale is accredited according to two organic standards; the USDA NOP for the United States and EU organic regulation for the EU.

Avondale is a member of Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. This is a membership organisation for businesses committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance of their supply chains. Sedex is a not-for-profit organisation based in London, UK, open for membership to any company anywhere in the world.

Membership of the WWF Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI)
Founded by the Botanical Society of South Africa, and nowadays formally incorporated into the World Wildlife Fund’s South Africa’s activities, the BWI is a partnership between wine farmers and conservationists to protect the unique natural heritage of the Cape Winelands. Avondale was one of the first Cape wine producers to obtain BWI certification. We actively strive to re-establish indigenous fynbos species not just around, but in amongst our vineyards. We make use of only indigenous plants as wind breakers, for beautification and as cover crops.

Integrated Production of Wine (IPW)
Avondale is a member of Integrated Production of Wine (IPW), a voluntary environmental sustainability scheme established by the South African wine industry in 1998. Certification of IPW compliance falls under the jurisdiction of the Wine and Spirit Board (WSB). IPW complies with international wine industry environmental sustainability criteria, including the ‘Global Wine Sector Environmental Sustainability Principles’ as published by the International Federation of Wine and Spirits (FIVS) and the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) Guidelines for sustainable viti-viniculture. The production practices on farms and cellars of members of the scheme are evaluated and audited by the board.

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