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October 22, 2013

“Celebrating 20 Years”
A Scats Esterhuyse Exhibition

Twenty years ago the Grieves family bought Avondale and embarked on making extraordinary wines. At the same time, on the other side of the country, Scats Esterhuyse began to paint. Focussing on the landscape and towns of the Western Cape and Karoo, this self-taught artist has become known as one of South Africa’s leading painters.

He continues to travel extensively in South Africa, capturing rural scenes with his distinctive style. Scats paints free hand, interpreting the landscape from the many photographs he takes, using oil paints, the most intensive form of painting as it requires multiple layers of paint and long drying times.

It is his drive to capture ‘perfection in an organic way’ that creates the synergy between his work and the way that we produce our wines at Avondale.  Scats describes his work as a spiritual experience saying, “we, as humans are the clay, and God is the potter”.

For a number of years now, we have showcased Scats’ s paintings in and around our Tasting Gallery, where visitors are able to enjoy his evocative pieces.

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Natpadnapier- Napier
“Natpadnapier” – Napier

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Measurement:  40 X 50cm
Inscription: Signed: “Scats Esterhuyse” (Lower/Left)

The wet road in this indolent agricultural town runs past the monumentally proportioned Dutch Reformed Church of Napier in the Overberg, Western Cape. The misty sky is lifting after the rain, where the mountain in the background is still partially shrouded by the heavy, low clouds that had descended in the misty rain. The low lights of a truck coming towards the viewer and a lit sign on this main street provide the only illumination in this scene, where the reflective water on the road creates a soft mirror of the cinereous, ashen sky above. Winter brings a greenness to this region, where the fields are then filled with a rich verdigris that contrasts the summer months of coppery wheat fields that often gives the area an arid appearance. This verdure is hinted at beyond the town, adding to the depth of this atmosphere. The road incontestably emotes the essence of a journey, and in this scene portends one of time unchanging, where seasons roll over into the next in the quiet cycle of nature in this quiet region of seasonal beauty in a town untouched by time.