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October 22, 2013

“CROSSING OVER” – A Journey of past and present
A Scats Esterhuyse Exhibition

Esteemed artist Scats Esterhuyse’s Crossing Over exhibition will be held exclusively at the Avondale Estate Tasting Gallery from the 22nd November 2013 onwards.

Scats Esterhuyse is a self-taught artist, and his work has been described as ‘that between the photorealism of John Meyer and the broader impressionism of Walter Meyer’. The sensitivity characteristic of Scats’ work results in interpretations beyond realistic landscape paintings, with each piece embodying the essence of what is represented. Scats’ travels throughout South Africa have been a continuous search to portray the true character and identity of its landscapes, towns and people.

Scats organic and sensitive approach to his work perfectly embodies Avondale’s own philosophy with regards to its nature-conscious method of wine-making, which led to the artist partnering with the wine estate to showcase his most recent body of work.

Scats explains the synergy between his work and Avondale’s approach to wine farming as ‘striving for perfection in an organic way’.

“There is no artificial or contrived way to produce the end product. I express and interpret the natural elements of the scene using no aids – only free eye and hand application – to invite the viewer to participate in a personal awareness. The painting is therefore not a clinical reproduction but an honest attempt to communicate and express what I have encountered at the time, captured on canvas. I strive for quality using oil on canvas – which is, in itself, a labour intensive process as several layers have to be applied and the oil is slow to dry. You cannot force the rhythm and the pace,” he explains.

Avondale Tasting Gallery
Mon – Sat: 10:00 -16:00
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Crossing Over - Hex River Valley“Crossing Over, Hex River Valley”

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Measurement:  80 X 60cm
Inscription: Signed: “Scats Esterhuyse” (Lower/Right)

The Hexrivier Valley, so quiet and unassuming in its gentle beauty ,is shown in this work to manifest these qualities in its very history since the naming of this area in the 1800.