Eco Tours

February 8, 2014

If you enjoying exploring the winelands and wine-making, Avondale offers you a truly unique experience.   Our Eco Tours take you on a wonderful journey throughout our beautiful and bountiful farm.  Highly specialised and informative, the Eco Tour highlights the remarkable ways that Avondale produces extraordinary wines approved by Mother Nature.

The Eco Tour starts with a welcome at our Tasting Gallery where you can enjoy a glass of Avondale’s gorgeous Methode Cap Classique.  Guests are then taken on a vineyard tour where you can witness and learn more about our unique and pioneering ways of farming in harmony with Nature.  Here, you will see how we put our ethos Terre est Vita’ – soil is life into practice.  Against the picturesque backdrop of the Klein Drakenstein mountains, you can enjoy further tastings of our other hand-crafted, classic wines right in the particular vineyard blocks where the grapes were grown.

Eco Tours include a visit to our state-of-the-art gravity flow cellar, constructed three storeys underground in the cool depths of a natural dry river bed.  The tour concludes with a return to the Tasting Gallery where you can relax and enjoy the view, or browse the latest artworks on exhibition.

We cater for each tour individually, and to ensure that you get the best of the Avondale Experience, all Eco Tours are by appointment only.

Appointments for Eco Tours can be made:
Wednesdays to Fridays
From 10h00 to 1300
Telephone: +27 (0)21 863 1976

This is a Life experience!
Alastair & Merle