Navitas 2008

The energy of aliveness
Navitas means energy. It is energy that binds diverse elements into the one harmonious system we call alive.  Vibrant with a life of its own, we have called our flagship red blend Navitas, as it is the embodiment of Avondale’s unique luminescence and character. Our water and mineralogy, our soul and cosmic connections, and above all, our energy are represented by Navitas.

Grape Varieties
Navitas is made from 62% Syrah, 24% Mourvedre and 14% Grenache grapes from organically-cultivated 18-year-old vines with a low yield of 5 tons per hectare of high quality fruit.

The Making of Navitas

Grapes were hand-picked at between 23 and 24º Balling.  Some batches were de-stemmed and crushed, after which natural fermentation occurred in stainless steel tanks. Other batches went through whole bunch natural fermentation.  Fermentation peaked at 30˚ Celsius and post-fermentation maceration was allowed.  Malolactic fermentation and maturation took place in large 600-litre French Oak barrels, the majority of which were 1st fills.

Navitas’s Character
An exclusive, limited release, elegantly-wooded wine, Navitas has an extraordinary colour and a rich nose of dark stewed fruits, cloves and cinnamon.  Flavours of white pepper and plum are combined with silky tannins and a smooth but lively minerality to provide an exceptional concentration of fine fruit on the palate.

Navitas's Inspiration

Navitas bears Avondale’s logo, a rendition of the Armillary sphere, an ancient astronomical instrument used to show the position of stars around the earth. It represents Avondale’s holistic approach to life on our farm where, from the minerals in the soil to the stars in the skies, all is combined in an energised, living system.