Our Cellar

February 8, 2011

In 2003, we designed and built an extraordinary cellar that has become a striking feature of the farm.  A century-old dry riverbed provided the inspiration for an ultra-modern cellar that would be built two-storeys below ground.  This enables us to make the most of the cool, ambient temperatures offered by Nature underground and so reduce the carbon footprint of our wine-making facilities.  It also presented us with the advantage of having a gravity-flow cellar that enables us to protect our high-quality grapes due to minimal mechanical interference.

The winery comprises of a wine storage and tank fermentation cellar, a vat maturation cellar, a wine storage and packaging area; as well as our administrative facilities.  It is a full-service cellar that enables us to produce all our wines on site, optimising quality control.

It also includes a gracious wine tasting and art gallery where we welcome visitors to the farm.  Visits to the cellar are included in our Eco-tours.

Cyclus's Inspiration

The spiral can be found in every aspect of Nature. Its expression in liquids is the vortex which is easily observed in the unexpected, creative whorls and eddies in flowing water. The vortex represents power and dynamism.