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Our ethos, Terra Est Vita meaning ‘Soil is Life’ encapsulates our view of Avondale Estate as a dynamic living system where soil, water and energy; plants, animals and people;even our buildings, are part of a complex web of relationships and networks, interconnected and interdependent.

Premium Quality Wines– Our commitment to promoting life does not only lead to Mother Nature’s approval of our healthy, balanced vineyard ecosystem; it also ensures the premium quality of Avondale’s unique, naturally-made, slow wines. The vigour of our well-tended vines leads to excellent grapes bursting with fresh flavours that are evident in our individually-styled, classic wines, so full of life and character.

Certified Organic – Avondale is certified organic and we practice bio-dynamic agriculture; but we go beyond both these beneficial systems of natural farming by also using the best 21st Century science, technology and knowledge to enhance sustainability.

Enjoying Our Wines – When we despatch Avondale wines for worldwide distribution in select markets, we hold the intention that they will play a role in enhancing healthy balance and affirming joy in the lives of those that take pleasure in them. We are mindful that whenever an Avondale wine is part of a family dinner or a celebration; an exciting gathering or a solitary interlude we are all connected in those moments by a shared love of life.

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Through the Avondale Members Club we exclusively reward our loyal friends and family who stay connected in our Circle of Life by taking great pleasures in our wines.

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Natural Fermentation Creates A Slow Holistic Evolution

Natural Fermentation Creates A Slow Holistic Evolution

Avondale is farmed organically and biodynamically. No chemicals are used in the vineyards or in the cellar, nor are chemicals added to the grapes when they arrive at the cellar. All our fermentations are spontaneous and natural caused by the unique yeasts present on the grapes.

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2018 is a Year of Special Moon Events

When it comes to the energies and rhythms of the moon, 2018 is certainly going to be an exceptional year.  Many of you would have been aware that January 2018 was a rare Blue Moon month, with two Full Super Moons – and the last on the 31st of January pulling out all stops as a Super Blue Blood Moon!



FABERfood – as Mother Nature intended

 FABER is a contemporary farm-to-fork restaurant, approaching each ingredient with the utmost respect. FABER food is hand-crafted using the finest, fresh and organic ingredients; creating wholesome, innovative dishes that take guests on a wonderful journey.

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