A Family Farm


Avondale is home to the Grieves and 25 farm worker families. The Grieves have an innate focus on well-being that encompasses the land and its community of people.  We are committed to providing fair and decent living and working conditions to enable our people to enjoy healthy, balanced lives.

Avondale has an established registered NPO called THE AVONDALE COMMUNITY ORGANISATION (NPO 12488) on the farm that includes well-resourced crèche and after care facilities for the children of the parents who work on our farm.  A professional teacher and her assistants ensure that these children are exposed to vital learning and development opportunities in a safe and stimulating environment.  A nutrition programme at the crèche provides balanced meals every day of the week.

We’re happy to inform you that The Avondale Community Organisation (NPO Ref: 12488) are successfully registered as a beneficiary of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Fundraising programme. You are now able to choose our organisation as your beneficiary. This is just another small way of giving back or sharing this Christmas time! Click here to add us!

Johnathan Grieve – Avondale’s viticulturist and business leader has realised his unique vision for establishing a healthy, balanced vineyard ecosystem and making premium quality, certified organic wines.  Johnathan has pioneered the BioLOGIC® approach that has made him an expert on sustainable wine-farming and wine-making.  He has been uncompromising about combining organic and biodynamic farming systems with modern science to ensure that every step of the way, Avondale upholds the principle of promoting Life.

Cornè Marais – Our wine-maker relishes the opportunities that Avondale’s healthy, balanced grapes provide to make delicious, natural, low sulphur wines.  Cornè has been Avondale’s wine-maker since 2004.  A graduate of Elsenburg Agricultural College, he has worked on estates in both South Africa and abroad.  Cornè has particular expertise and interest in making ’traditional wines’ with a focus on gentle treatment and minimal intervention.  His innovative flair and willingness to take calculated risks leads him to successfully experimenting with higher fermentation temperatures, post fermentation hot soaking and whole bunch fermentations.  The results are unique, elegant wines full of character and luminescence.

AVONDALE Members Club

Through the Avondale Members Club we exclusively reward our loyal friends and family who stay connected in our Circle of Life by taking great pleasures in our wines.