Avondale Etos


Terra Est Vita – ‘Soil is Life’
At Avondale we practise sustainable and natural viticulture in line with our ethos Terra Est Vita – ‘Soil is Life’.  We know that for the land and the business to thrive, every aspect of our living system must also thrive.  In everything that we do, we uphold the key principle of Life – to constantly create conditions conducive to more Life.

We include our business partners and customers in our holistic view of our vineyard ecosystem and wine-making process.  We know that there is an ever-increasing network that cares, as we do, about both sustainability and quality.  We are inspired to hand-craft our organically-made, premium quality wines so that we ultimately offer customers an extraordinary experience approved by Mother Nature.

Avondale’s Emblem – the Armillary Sphere
Avondale’s logo is a rendition of the Armillary sphere, an ancient astronomical instrument used to show the position of stars around the earth.  It represents Avondale’s holistic approach to life on our farm where, from the minerals in the soil to the stars in the skies, all is combined in an energised, living system.

AVONDALE Members Club

Through the Avondale Members Club we exclusively reward our loyal friends and family who stay connected in our Circle of Life by taking great pleasures in our wines.