Take your place in our circle of life


We are inspired to hand-craft our premium quality wines so that we ultimately offer wine-lovers an extraordinary experience approved by Mother Nature. Through the Avondale Members Club we exclusively reward our loyal friends and family who stay connected in our Circle of Life by taking great pleasure in our wines.

What are the rewards and how does the Members Club work?

– Experience the abundance of Avondale –

  • 20% discount on Avondale’s extraordinary wines. This discount applies once you have set up your Avondale’s Member Account, and it is valid for all your purchases of our wines.
  • FREE Door-to-Door delivery on all planned shipments of 12 bottles and more to all major centres in South Africa.
  • Complimentary Group of 10 Wine-tasting at the Avondale Tasting Gallery. We’ll welcome you into the club by offering you, your family and friends a free tasting at our Estate.
  • Complimentary Group of 10 Avondale Eco-tour. As part of your Avondale experience, we’ll take you, your family and friends on a fascinating and picturesque tour of our Nature-friendly vineyards.
  • Our members commit to purchasing a minimum of 12 bottles of Avondale’s extraordinary wines over a 12 month period.
  • Any additional sales will be at the same 20% with free courier for orders of 12 bottles and more OR orders of R2500 and more.
  • You can proceed with online orders simply by ‘click to purchase’
  • OR You can be invoiced and on receipt of proof of payment, we will courier the wines to you
  • Should you not respond to the e-mail, one of our Members Ambassadors will contact you per phone


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For more information: call Avondale on 021 863 1976
or email wine@avondalewine.co.za and we will get back to you.