A glass of red, or white… or green?

Nature’s perfect system of balance takes the lead in producing organic wines.
Taking its cue from the earth is second nature to Avondale Estate (pictured), on the slopes of Klein Drakenstein near Paarl. Owned and run by the Grieve family, it is an early recipient of the Biodiversity in Wine (BWI) Certification and combines organic, biodynamic and modern scientific methods to good effect in healthy, balanced vineyard ecosystems. Biodynamic principles make use of the lunar calendar throughout production. Included in its arsenal of green credentials are: the nurturing of biodiversity as a measure of the environment’s robustness; the use of natural predators to manage pests (an efficient flock of snowy Pekin ducks does snail patrol, for example); an on-going restoration project to clear alien vegetation and replant indigenous flora; and green packaging for all of its wines.