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Sunday Times, Neighbourhood – Claire Bernardo

The winelands form a large part of property value in the Western Cape. And when it comes to the large risks involved in wine farming, it would make sense to ensure that you are getting the most out of your land. Jonathan Grieve of Avondale wine estate is not only making sure the land works at its prime for his business, but he’s also adding value to it while innovating in terms of farming techniques.

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Mango Juice – Keith Bain

What was once regarded as a hippie aberration is slowly becoming a side of winemaking that’s no longer regarded merely as a fleeting trend or flavours of the month, but as the way forward for an industry that’s become worryingly dependent on heavy-handed farming practices.

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Property Junction – Richard Holmes

With planet-friendly biodynamic principles keeping the vineyards happy, Avondale is no run-of-the-mill wine estate.

Terra est Vita. Soil is life. These three simple words underpin the philosophy behind award-winning Paarl estate Avondale, where a flock of snail-hungry ducks and farming to biodynamic principles are as important to what is in the bottle as the grapes themselves.

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Saturday Star – Georgina Crouth

“Approved by Mother Nature” is an audacious claim to make but Avondale does not take it lightly. Subscribing to the ethos “Terre Est Vita”, which means “Soil is Life”, the wines of this certified organic estate are a true expression of terroir, thanks to the dynamic farming methods practiced be Avondale proprietor Johnathan Grieve. For Grieve, everything in life is part of a complex web of relationships and networks – which includes soil, water, energy, plants, animals and people.

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The Citizen – Adriaan Roets

Back in 1996 Johnathan Grieve’s family bought Avondale, a farm in Paarl that had neither a winery nor the bragging rights for pioneering a new approach to winemaking. Fast-forward 19 years and Grieve is at a helm of a range of wines that can make any set of lips smack.

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Taste Magazine – Sumien Brink

Guests at the La Luna dinner waited eagerly for the celestial guest of honour to make an appearance at this magnificent event, which renowned chef Jacques Erasmus created at the Avondale Wine Estate in Paarl.

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Visi Magazine

Of course, no Christmas feast is complete without something to sip, so we kick off the festivities with a few glasses of Methode Cap Classique.

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Prestige Magazine – Jane Broughton

The wines from Avondale in the Paarl Valley are a true expression of ‘Terroir’ thanks to Proprietor Johnathan Grieve’s belief in the magic of Biodynamic Farming practices with a little scientific evidence thrown in for good measure.

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