Avondale now has three certified wine. They are Jonty’s Ducks 2007 , Chenin Blanc 2009 and Rosé 2009 .

Four years ago, 25 hectares of new vines on virgin soil were certified organic. Now, leading internationally accredited European agency Control Union, has certified the remaining 75 hectares planted to vines.

The certification is valid from the 2009 vintage. Chenin Blanc and Rosé from this vintage are available in South Africa and overseas at present. Other certified wines will be phased in over the next five years.

“This calls for lots of Avondale MCC Brut ,” says Johnathan Grieve.

“Over the last nine years we had been farming green, according to our own Bio-LOGIC principles, knowing that what we were doing was credible and sustainable.

“This is the proverbial cherry that top of the cake,” he says.

Bio-LOGIC is based on organic and biodynamic viticulture and modern science. Grapes for wine are grown without the use of fertilizer, be that organic or synthetic, pesticides or herbicides.

“While we are committed to our own unique way of Bio-LOGIC farming we can now show our organic commitment to most markets,” says Grieve.