On the 20th of July, we hosted an exclusive La Luna dinner for 30 invited guests at the Avondale Tasting Gallery.  Mount Nelson hotel Chef Rudi Liebenberg, who was the 2012 Sunday Times Chef of the Year, prepared an outstanding six-course feast, with each speciality dish crafted to accompany a different Avondale wine.  Our thanks to Rudi for graciously enabling us to share one of his outstanding recipes with you here.


Deep Fried Poached Egg with Prosciutto, Mature Cheddar Velouté and Greens


4 poached eggs
50g panco crumbs or homemade bread crumbs
1 egg wash
50g seasoned flour
Oil for deep frying

4 slices prosciutto
25g butter
25g flour
50 ml white wine
300 ml vegetable stock
5 ml dijon mustard
bay leaf (optional)
100ml cream
85 -100g healeys cheddar grated or any other mature cheddar cheese

mixed micro greens such as watercress, wild rocket and baby spinach
maldon salt
juice one lemon

mature cheddar shavings


  1. Dust eggs in seasoned flour, dip into egg wash and then into crumbs, reserve until needed.
  2. To make the sauce, melt butter into a saucepan and add the flour to make a roux. Whisk in the wine, mustard and warm stock. Continue to cook until thickened, ensure that the flour is cooked out on a low heat. Take care not to burn sauce. Add cream and adjust seasoning.   Add grated cheese and continue to whisk, do not cook after adding the cheese.
  3. Deep fry egg until golden brown, remove and place on kitchen towel.
  4. Place sauce in bowl, place egg and ham in bowl and place dressed salad on-top.   Finish with mature cheddar shavings.

Pair with Avondale’s Cyclus – our Viognier blend with a soft, rich nose of violets, frangipani and peach and a palate where the intense fruits flavours of pear, pineapple, apricot and fig are rounded off with smooth, subtle oak for a creamy, long-structured finish.