Through Avondale’s partnership with the Waitrose Foundation South Africa, our crèche and after care facility at the Avondale Community Centre received a donation of four new computers.  The school-going children were delighted to discover they all have Word, Powerpoint and Excel software installed, enabling them to do homework and assignments at the after care facility instead of needing to visit libraries.  The donation also included a range of CAMI educational software that can be used by all the children to enhance their perceptual skills, Literacy, Numeracy and comprehension ability.

“This is such an exciting learning experience for us all,” comments teacher Nadia Jonker, “Excitement is overflowing, the children love it and enjoy it. Their little faces light up every time they get praised by the CAMI programme for doing an exercise well.  If they struggle then programme assists them and explains the correct answer without breaking down their self-esteem.  The CAMI programme also adjusts the exercises automatically; so if a learner struggles it will go to previous levels and if a learner excels it will moves up a level.  It is really good, and I can already see the big influence and impact it will have on their lives.”