Avondale is amongst the first South African businesses to enhance the consumer experience by including 21st Century QR codes on our wine labels.  Every bottle in Avondale’s Magnificent Collection range includes a unique QR code on the label that is specially designed to enable the consumer to access specific web-based information wherever they are, right in the moment. Consumers can download an application for their smartphones or camera phones that allows them to ‘read’ QR codes. After taking a picture of the QR code consumers are automatically linked to relevant web pages where they can get more information about the wine, tasting notes, history and the wine-making process. It’s an easy way for consumers to use the mobile Internet to make informed choices about our wines at the direct point-of-sale.  If you haven’t tried it yet, download QR Code Reader at http://get.beetagg.com or Ovi Store – and get started!