Avondale Wine Estate, a trailblazer in sustainable farming and winemaking, proudly announces a significant leap forward in environmental responsibility and financial efficiency with the successful implementation of a state-of-the-art solar power plant. This pioneering initiative has not only catapulted the entire estate, including the winery and all houses on the farm off the grid but also underlines Avondale’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices.

The comprehensive investment in this remarkable project encompassed the installation of a solar array, a high capacity battery bank, advanced hybrid inverters and a customized internal power distribution network. The centerpiece of this green transformation is the solar array, consisting of 580 solar panels over 5000 square meters of farmland and generating 304kW of solar energy.

Two formidable 150KW inverters and a robust 300KW battery bank round out this cutting-edge installation, effectively enabling Avondale Wine Estate to operate seamlessly on solar power even during peak demand periods.

The advantages of this solar installation for Avondale are manifold. Firstly, it ensures energy security, reducing dependence on the erratic traditional power resource. Simultaneously, the estate’s carbon footprint is significantly curtailed, with an estimated annual reduction of approximately 248 tons of carbon emissions per year. Furthermore, substantial cost savings are realised as the need for the generator, along with associated diesel costs and carbon emissions, become obsolete.

Johnathan Grieve, Proprietor of Avondale Wine Estate, expressed his enthusiasm, stating,

“I believe that sustainability and wine-making go hand in hand. Installing solar panels at Avondale is not just a financial and practical decision; it supports Avondale’s overall commitment to the environment and our sustainable philosophy. It’s a win-win for Avondale and the planet.”

This remarkable achievement highlights the essential role of Avondale’s partnership with 2Zero50 and Devcotech, a vital catalyst for turning this vision into reality. The solar installation is a testament to the power of collaboration and the transformative impact that sustainable practices can have in the world of agriculture and wine production.

Avondale Wine Estate continues to lead the way in sustainable viticulture, setting a powerful example for the industry and demonstrating that quality wine and eco-conscious practices can thrive hand in hand. This latest milestone underscores Avondale’s unwavering dedication to preserving the environment and ensuring a sustainable future.