Avondale is thrilled to have been awarded the sought-after Amorim Environmental Award at the prestigious Drinks Business Green Awards, which was held in London on the 26 March 2012.

The Drinks Business Green Awards is the world’s largest programme to raise awareness of green issues, and to reward those who are leading the way when it comes to sustainability and environmental performance.

Avondale was awarded the 2012 Amorim Environmental Award for its outstanding environmental initiatives. Sponsored by cork-manufacturer Amorim, the accolade is awarded to a wine brand or marketing campaign that demonstrates consideration for the environment as part of its inherent ethos. Entries are judged on adherence to natural solutions, environmentally-friendly pest control, recycling plans, renewable energy utilisation and reduction of waste. Further criteria take into account the eco-credentials of the packaging and promotional materials.

For every criterion, Avondale could demonstrate its holistic approach towards farming in harmony with Nature.  Our initiatives include:

  • Pioneering the BioLOGIC® methodology that incorporates certified organic, biodynamic and scientific farming principles in order to create living systems naturally
  • Encouraging biodiversity as a primary indicator of the environment’s health
  • The use of natural predators to combat pests
  • Use of technology to receive continuous feedback on its ecosystem’s health, such as Leaf Sap instruments which monitor the vines in real time
  • Avondale has a natural waste water system comprised of a three-dam system interlinked by spiralling channels of reeds to emulate the way water is cleansed in rivers
  • An ongoing programme to clear alien vegetation and plant indigenous trees
  • The use of FSC-accredited natural cork closures. Avondale’s green packaging includes biodegradable, recyclable tin capsules for closures; polystyrene-free recycled boxes; non-polystyrene inners and 100% recyclable gift bags. Avondale’s promotional material is either digital or printed on recycled paper.

Johnathan Grieve, proprietor of Avondale and finalist in the Drinks Business Personality Award category, says: “It is extremely rewarding to see that a world-renowned publication such as the Drinks Business is actively seeking to recognize the dedication of those in the industry in minimising their impact on the environment. We are honoured and thrilled to receive such a prestigious award!”