We are delighted that Avondale’s lively and soulful Chenin Blanc, Anima 2010 has won a hotly contested tender bid to be listed by the Swedish alcohol monopoly, Systembolaget from May this year.  More than 40 Top end Chenin Blancs from South Africa participated in the tender process.  Our feedback was that it won with an “amazing” high score!

Systembolaget is owned by the Swedish government, it consists of a nationwide retail network of 421 stores and over 500 agents serving smaller communities.  It is one of the world’s largest wine and spirit buyers as it serves a market of more than 9 million Swedes.

Avondale’s Anima is made from certified organic Chenin Blanc grapes.  This wine has a nose that develops intriguingly in the glass.  Winter melon, pineapple, lime and a hint of honey confirm the elegance and fullness of this softly wooded, supple Chenin Blanc.  The palate is dense with fresh fruit flavours of gooseberry; quince and peach, all harmonising superbly with the soulful minerality that gives this wine its name.

We look forward to welcoming al the Swedes to the Avondale experience

Skål (Cheers)