If our Avondale community ever needed any further confirmation that recycling pays, then our crèche and after care children have certainly done that through their great efforts in the 2012 annual Collect-A-Can school’s competition.  Under the eco-friendly guidance of their enthusiastic teacher, Nadia Jonker, the children built on their previous success of coming 3rd as the school that collected the most cans per child, to take top honours in the same local category, as well as 2nd place in the provincial category.  They saw their winnings rise from R1000 to a whopping R16 500 in prize money!  The Avondale Community Centre will use the money to freshly paint the interior of the school.  Schools in South Africa can earn income by recycling cans regularly and by entering the monthly and annual Collect-A-Can competitions that offer cash prizes that schools can use to improve their environments.  By participating in the programme and the competitions learners become aware of recyclability of cans and the importance of recycling for the environment, as well as experience for themselves the economic benefits of recycling.