22 May is the United Nation’s International Day for Biodiversity, which aims to highlight the issues of dwindling biodiversity throughout the world.  The children at Avondale’s Pre-School and Aftercare Centre were treated to a special biodiversity session presented by nature conservationist, André Retief.

They learnt all about biodiversity and its importance to plant, animal and human life.  Andre highlighted how plant and animal life differ across regions within a country, and also between countries.  He emphasized the difference between indigenous and foreign plant life; and the children understood why it is so important to protect and cultivate the indigenous plant life that is unique to South Africa.

In learning about biodiversity, the interconnectedness of all life becomes clear.  Within the ecosystem, everything relates to everything else in some way.  In that way, our unique Cape plants live in relationship with unique animal life, and they all rely on each other for survival.  This lively learning experience included a walk on the farm to notice the high biodiversity that is supported by our organic and Biodynamic farming practices.  The children enjoyed planting two indigenous trees at their Aftercare Centre to celebrate the uniqueness of our country, with its rich plant, animal and human life, which all depend on each other for survival.