Our new vintages for Anima (2010) and Cyclus (2010), and our Rosé, Camissa (2011) will be launched in new lightweight bottles that will reduce the mass of the glass by 25 per cent.   This will have a positive impact on further reducing our carbon footprint, as transportation of these wines will now also become significantly lighter.  However, we are not only delighted by the eco-friendliness of these new custom-designed bottles; they have also been carefully selected because of how well they fit the exclusiveness of Avondale’s range.  From the elegance of the neck finish to overall finesse, this bottle is distinctly refined and stylish.   The bottles are manufactured in Italy by an environmentally responsible company whose innovative processes and respect for the environment underpin their fine glass-making.  At Avondale, we recognise glass packaging as the ecological choice for our premium wines, as it is a naturally derived material that is full recyclable.