We have passed Winter’s halfway mark; and with cold temperatures and relatively high rainfall, we can say that it has been a good Winter so far.  The vines are bare; drawing breath, resting and rejuvenating before the exertions that will be demanded by Spring.  In the vineyards, we have started pruning, and this will continue over the next month and a half so that we are ready for the new season.

In contrast to the still vines, Avondale’s cover crops have burst into life and there is a lot of rich, green growth above ground, and a lot of unseen, microscopic activity in the soil.  For example, this is the time that the legumes in the cover crop mix are hard at work binding nitrogen in the soil.

Our new posse of 100 Pekin ducklings have started their training, and they will soon be out foraging in the vineyards, helping to keep the snail population in check.  This atmosphere of gentle, natural balance on the farm is one of the great benefits of our BioLOGIC® approach to nature-friendly farming and slow wine-making.

Most days, there is a cosy, crackling fire in our Tasting Gallery, and we welcome you to come by for a wine-tasting or an Eco-Tour of the farm, which includes a tasting of our extraordinary wines.  To book a wine-tasting or an Eco-Tour email: wine@avondalewine.co.za or call: 021 863 1976