As the 42nd Earth Day approaches, we are reminded that the transformation to a more sustainable world requires that each person, each family, each community and each country takes actual steps towards protecting and preserving the environment.  Earth Day’s A Billion Acts of Green campaign aims to mobilise people across the planet to take an environmental action and give voice to a global referendum demanding real change.

Probably the most common resistance to the change to a more sustainable world is the often-used excuse that it is not possible for modern humans to live in harmony with Nature and participate in creating living systems without having to “give up” the ways that we like to live.  However, Avondale stands as on-going testimony that this is not true.  If we can sustain ecological health on our farm, it means that others can do it too.  If we can make premium quality wines using a completely nature-friendly system like BioLOGIC®, then others can do it too.  It is both possible, and vital to take action and do things differently.