We hope that you will join Avondale and many other South Africans in celebrating Earth Hour 2012, the largest environmental event in the history of the Planet.  Hundreds of millions of people, businesses and governments across 135 countries around the world unite to switch of the lights and the power for one hour.  However, Earth Hour goes further than this gesture of care for the planet by urging us to go Beyond the Hour and make a commitment to lasting action that will help to protect Earth.

Going Beyond the Hour has long been the mission of Avondale, and everything that we have done to create a healthy, balanced vineyard ecosystem has been done with our future generations in mind.  We are also constantly exploring new and better ways to promote and protect biodiversity, conserve and enliven our soils and water, and reduce our carbon footprint.  One of our upcoming projects includes presenting the new vintage of our white wines in special lightweight glass bottles.

On Saturday, 30 March, our families on the farm will be switching off the power at 08:30pm and lighting up the candles!  We will probably make sure we have a chilled bottle of Avondale’s Camissa on hand as we enjoy a picnic supper!  We will be raising a glass to you and all others who join in the spirit of Earth Hour.

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