At Avondale we believe that working with nature is the key to a sustainable future. We aim to farm holistically and minimise unnecessary energy consumption. Celebrating Earth Hour has become a tradition at Avondale and this year we decided to reach out to our neighbours and their families to create a community event.

As the sun set on Saturday 28 March 2015, our neighbours joined us for an evening filled with slow-made fine wines and an elegant feast, by the light of the moon.  Set at the edge of the vineyards; the long tables lit by the twinkle of tiny solar lights, the warm glow of candles and the moon.  The wine flowed, the children played and all we sat long into the evening enjoying the live drumming band and talking to friends old and new.  As the night came to an end, the rest of us gathered around the fire on picnic blankets and reminisced about the spectacular evening and the importance of celebrating a an important movement like Earth hour.

We all need to contribute to a brighter future, therefore saving electricity while fostering community spirit, is a step we happily take at Avondale.