FABER Chef Dale can be seen at daybreak inspecting the Avondale organic vegetable garden for fresh seasonal produce. Each day sees him select unique combinations of plants, textures, colours and flavours that he masterfully crafts in his dishes. At present our vegetable garden has a bounty of magical winter items including the magical Jerusalem Artichoke. These knobbly tubers, also known as sunchokes or earth apples, are edible root vegetables related to the sunflower. They grow in summer and are harvested early winter when the flowers die.

This is a good example to show what FABER stands for – A contemporary farm-to-fork restaurant, approaching each ingredient with the utmost respect. FABERfood is hand-crafted using the finest, fresh and organic ingredients; creating wholesome, innovative dishes that take guests on a wonderful journey.

FABER at Avondale; FABERfood – as Mother Nature intended

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