Chef Dale Stevens, the head chef of FABER, is a culinary craftsman. He describes his style as simple, seasonal, stylish and sensory stimulating. His focus is on 3 to 4 main components and intricately combining them to ensure they all stand out, but don’t overpower one another; rather that there is complete harmony. #FABERfood

Born and raised in Mossel Bay, Dale grew up under the strong guidance of his maternal grandmother who always ensured that her guests left her home with a smile and a belly full of food! After matriculating, Dale studied at The Culinary Academy in Paarl. He started developing his food style whilst working under award winning chefs like George Jardine, Luke Dale Roberts and Eric Bulpitt. After learning from chefs with such unique styles Dale has developed his own style. It encapsulates the fine art of balance between making a masterpiece of each dish with the seasonal ingredients and living up to his grandmother’s example – of happy content guests. Dale invites you to join him at FABER where he has mastered this balance and is putting his personal stamp on food as Mother Nature intended #FABERfood.

The Avondale story is one of embracing ground-breaking biodynamic and organic farming practices to produce wines that reflect the terroir; wines that pay tribute to the soils that produce them. The same can be said of FABER’s culinary philosophy, where Dale takes inspiration from the seasons, the land and the farm’s produce harvested from its biodynamic vegetable garden.

It seems so natural to see the chefs harvesting the fresh produce every morning from the farm gardens and to see that fresh produce displayed in such elegance in a meal on the ever evolving menu. Dale’s flair and finesse is noticeable on the menu as a whole as well as each dish.

The restaurant is open for lunch from Wednesday through to Sunday and for dinner from Thursday through to Saturday.
For inquiries and bookings please dial 0212021219, email or follow the link to our website.