It has been an exceptional few weeks for FABER Restaurant! Situated on the beautiful Avondale Wine Estate, this award-winning restaurant has once again been heralded as one of the best. 

We’ve been plated! The Gourmet Guide is South Africa’s original and respected restaurant rating. It recently awarded FABER Restaurant a one-plate rating, thereby declaring it a home of ‘excellent cuisine’.

“We are absolutely thrilled,” says Chef Dale, the talent behind the fabulous FABER fare. As a contemporary ‘farm-to-fork’ restaurant, Chef Dale and his team approach each ingredient with the utmost respect and aim to take visitors on an inspirational, thought-provoking journey that celebrates the bountiful goodness of nature. “To have our efforts and our passion acknowledged and celebrated by The Gourmet Guide is a source of great pride and joy for all of us at FABER.”

The Eat Out Woolworths Restaurant Awards added to this pride and joy when it awarded FABER Restaurant with the coveted ‘Eat Out Woolworths SUSTAINABILITY Award’ for 2022.

“We are privileged to receive this award, it stands by the ethos of Avondale Wine Estate, and it is such an honour working on an organic farm with sustainability at the forefront,” says Chef Dale and Kat de Wet, who accepted the award on FABER Restaurant’s behalf.

Previous awards include Haute Grandeur Awards 2020: Best Garden Restaurant in Africa, Most Unique Experience in Africa, Best Restaurant View in South Africa.