It’s Summer, it’s the festive season – the perfect time to be popping the corks of the bottles of bubbly!  Armilla, Avondale’s traditionally-made Methodé Cap Classique (MCC) embodies our celebration of life on the farm.  Sparkling with joy, this fresh, versatile Brut is full of the verve that comes from Avondale’s holistic way of making delicious, natural wines.  Armilla bears Avondale’s logo as its emblem – a rendition of the Armillary sphere, an ancient astronomical instrument used to show the position of stars around the earth.  It represents Avondale’s BioLOGIC® approach to life on our farm where, from the minerals in the soil to the stars in the skies, all is combined in an energised, living system.  We make Armilla from Chardonnay grapes from 8 to 20 year old organically-grown vines that have a low yield of 6 to 8 ton of healthy, balanced fruit.   It is a premium quality MCC, vibrant with flavours of apple pie and biscuit, with a touch of lemon zest and honey. Armilla has a superb integration of acidity which allows for a dry and complex palate that is full of freshness and elegance.  You can be sure, that we will be raising our glasses of Armilla in celebration of the year past, and to welcome the year ahead.  And when we do, we will also make a mindful toast to all of you who will be enjoying Avondale’s extraordinary wines!