The launch of Avondale’s new range of seven hand-crafted, elegantly classic wines marks a triumphant turning in the more than 300-year history of this wine farm. In 1999, Avondale’s proprietor Johnathan Grieve was convinced that an innovative approach, combining organic and biodynamic principles with modern science, could not just restore life to the farm’s chemically abused soils; but that the rejuvenation of the vineyard ecosystem would one day result in the making of extraordinary wines.

Hand in hand with Nature, Johnathan patiently worked to build soil fertility, promote biodiversity and establish an ecological balance using the services of natural predators. He has been rewarded with a sustainably-managed wine farm that yields organically-grown, healthy grapes bursting with fresh flavours. To optimise the quality of our wines, Avondale harvests according to the astronomical calendar, minimises the handling of grapes through our gravity-flow cellar and follows classic, slow winemaking traditions. The wines are afforded the time they need to develop to their fullest potential, ensuring they are immediately accessible and delicious, while still bold enough in stamina and character to enjoy a long life in the bottle.

Avondale’s Magnificent Collection is comprised of three stellar reds Navitas, La Luna and Samsara; two invigorating whites Cyclus and Anima; a gorgeous, fresh Rosè, Camissa and an effervescent Brut, Armilla made in the Methode Cap Classique tradition. Together, Avondale’s Magnificent Collection weaves a life-affirming story of extraordinary viticulture and winemaking. Avondale’s unique wines are certified organic and available at the best restaurants and specialist wine stores.