Avondale’s Samsara is full, round and undeniably grape-tasting with hints mulberry and plum, clove and cinnamon.  Soft wood and white pepper, wild berries and fynbos arrest the nose. This wine has a spectacular balance of tannin, fruit and oak across a lengthy palate.  In the making of Samsara 2006 we harvested the fruits in the early mornings between 23 and 24 º Balling.  The grapes were de-stemmed, gently crushed and went into tanks for 2 to 3 days.  Fermentation on the skins peaked between 30 and 32 º Celsius and lasted from 7 to 10 days.  Our healthy grapes enabled a long post-fermentation maceration that took place over 25 to 30 days.  Malo-lactic fermentation took place in 225-litre French Oak barrels.  These were 1st, 2nd and 3rd fills.  There were a number of gentle rackings before ageing in the barrels for 12 to 16 months.  The wine was lightly filtered.  Samsara has greatly benefitted from Avondale’s practice of slow wine-making that gives our wines the time they need to develop to their fullest potential.  This ensures that by the time Samsara reaches the wine-lover, it is immediately accessible and delicious, while still bold enough in stamina and character to enjoy a long life in the bottle.