An Extraordinary Avondale wine Approved by Mother Nature.

We believe that the birth of a premium quality wine like Samsara begins in the soils of the vineyard.  If the quality of life in the soil is healthy and balanced, then you have mastered the first step in the making of a quality wine.  However, the quality of every step from then on is equally important, as everything is interconnected.  In 2003, we designed and built an extraordinary cellar that has become a striking feature of the farm.  A century-old dry riverbed provided the inspiration for an ultra-modern cellar that would be built three-storeys below ground.  This enabled us to make the most of the cool, ambient temperatures offered by Nature underground and so reduce the carbon footprint of our wine-making facilities.  It also presented us with the advantage of having a gravity-flow cellar that enables us to protect our high quality grapes due to minimal mechanical interference.

Samsara 2006 – Samsara means ‘to flow on’ and pass through the states of life and death.  A wine deep in character, we named our incarnate Syrah, Samsara as it represents the perpetual renewal and revitalisation of Avondale’s living system.  Samsara is made from Syrah grapes of organically-grown, 10 to 15 year-old vines that provide low yields of healthy, balanced fruit.  Soft wood and white pepper, wild berries and fynbos arrest the nose.  Samsara is full, round and undeniably grape-tasting with hints of mulberry and plum, clove and cinnamon.  This wine has a spectacular balance of tannin, fruit and oak across a lengthy palate.  Samsara’s emblem is the well-known Celtic Tree of Life motif with its interwoven branches and roots symbolising the continuous cycle of life.

Wine Tasting at Avondale
We invite you to get close and personal with Samsara and the rest of Avondale’s Magnificent Collection.  Our attention to detail and specialist service ensure that our wine tastings are a unique and memorable occasion.  You are most welcome to visit us and enjoy tastings of our hand-crafted, classic wines.  Our Tasting Gallery provides an elegant and comfortable ambience where you can get to know our extraordinary wines and find out first-hand about how we make them with Mother Nature’s approval.  Appointments for Wine Tasting can be made: Mondays – Saturdays: 10h00 to 16h00.  Email: Telephone: +27 (0)21 863 1976