Avondale is delighted that our proprietor and pioneer of the BioLOGIC® system, Johnathan Grieve has stepped out into the world of bloggers with the launch of www.biologicwine.co.za .  This provides Johnathan with a great platform to share more of what he has learnt about promoting life on our farm and the wonderful impact this has had on our handcrafted premium quality wines.   Through the BioLOGIC® approach, Johnathan uniquely combines organic and biodynamic farming methods with the latest advances in modern science in order to create living systems naturally.  As we all strive towards a more sustainable world, there’s a growing need to share knowledge and insights about strategies that work, such as BioLOGIC®.  The new blog gives Johnathan scope to expand on the practicalities and details of implementing the BioLOGIC® system, as well as documenting Avondale’s vital ongoing learning.  He will also share some of the extraordinary experiences we enjoy at Avondale, including the great food and wine.  Please visit the blog at www.biologicwine.co.za , and feel free to interact with Johnathan through the comment section.