Avondale’s extraordinary wines each tells a unique story that is inspired by an aspect of the estate, the innovative BioLOGIC® approach to wine farming.  Avondale practices a unique mix of organic and biodynamic wine farming combined with the best that modern science has to offer.

The 2007 vintage of Avondale’s La Luna red blend reflects the graceful ways that Avondale is attuned to cosmic influences and rhythms. The celestial force of the moon guides and governs biodynamic farming and thus the name La Luna has been derived from this particular heavenly body.

The moon represents the influence of the universe on our living systems and through observing the powerful phases of the moon such as the first Lunar Eclipse in April, Avondale can therefore fine tune its activities in the vineyard and cellar to be in harmony with these celestial forces.

La Luna is a Bordeaux Blend made from organically-grown grapes. The vines ranging from 10 to 16 years in age and providing a yield of between 4 and 8 tons of high quality fruit.

This decadent red blend offers scents of cedar, truffles and dark fruit with subtle forest and herb undertones. Rich plum and mulberry flavours marry with soft tannins for a vibrant smoothness on the palate. Lu Luna can be paired beautifully with a beef or pasty dish.

La Luna 2007 is available from Avondale at R285 per bottle. Contact Anastasia now to order before price increase 1st March. wine@avondalewine.co.za or 021 863 1976021 863 1976