Our adventurous wine maker, Corné Marais, made a fun ‘bubbly’ for you to indulge in from 100% Chenin Blanc called Pét-Nat.

Pét-Nat is short for pétillant naturel, which is simply French for “naturally sparkling” – and that’s essentially what it is! This lightly fizzy wine has gained a bit of buzz lately with growing popularity in the natural/organic movement and in more rudimentary methods of winemaking, but people have been sipping on it for ages.

The winemaking process is known as Methode Ancestrale…and it dates back to the 1500’s.
This method takes us back to the basics, back to the romantics of winemaking where they harvested the grapes and stepped back to observe as they transformed themselves into the divine nectar of the gods. They key word here is naturel. In technical (though still not so technical) terms, the winemaker would bottle the wine before fermentation was over. The carbon dioxide being produced from the remainder of fermentation would build up in the bottle, thus creating the bubbles that are the most special mark left on this delectable drink..

Corné says: Ripe pineapple, quince, orange peel, banana flavors on nose – this carries to the pallet where citrus flavors become more prominent. Vibrant but integrated acidity that supports these flavors that ends in a nice clean finish on the pallet.
Great easy-drinking wine for summer!

With only 300 bottles available this is limited to Members Club Only.
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