Avondale is offering visitors to our Tasting Gallery an extraordinary opportunity to get up close and personal with a magnificent selection of the works of South African landscape artist, Scats Esterhuyse, hand-picked by the artist himself.  The Crossing Over exhibition will be held exclusively at the Avondale Estate Tasting Gallery from the 22nd November 2013 and it offers a striking portrait of our amazing country.

Scats Esterhuyse is a self-taught artist, and his work has been described as ‘that between the photorealism of John Meyer and the broader impressionism of Walter Meyer’. The sensitivity characteristic of Scats’ work results in interpretations beyond realistic landscape paintings, with each piece embodying the essence of what is represented. Scats’ travels throughout South Africa have been a continuous search to portray the true character and identity of its landscapes, towns and people.

Scats organic and sensitive approach to his work perfectly embodies Avondale’s own philosophy with regards to its nature-conscious method of wine-making, which led to the artist partnering with us to showcase his most recent body of work.

The exhibition is available to view at the Avondale Tasting Gallery between 10h00 -16h00, Monday – Saturday. To arrange a private viewing outside of these hours, please contact Caelli on 021-863 1976 or email wine@avondalewine.co.za.