Celebrating Earth Hour is becoming tradition at Avondale.  Each year, families and friends, workers and colleagues gather together on the estate to take part in this global event to express our commitment to a brighter future.  We enjoy it so much that this year, we’ve decided to invite our neighbours at Pearl Valley, Val de Vie and Boschenmeer to make it a community-wide event by bringing their families and joining us for an Avondale Earth Hour experience on Saturday, 28 March 2015.

By the light of the moon, stars, fires and candles, we’ll come together on the gracious lawns of the estate gardens for an evening of magnificent wines and food, with live entertainment and family fun activities.  In keeping with Avondale’s ethos, we’ll be serving an elegant feast of good honest locally-produced foods paired with our slow-made fine wines.  Guests will have the choice of gathering at the long, incandescent candle-lit table, or relaxing on picnic blankets around the fire.

Our neighbours will have a unique experience of Avondale’s nature-friendly farm by finding out fascinating facts about biodynamics and dowsing.  Our young guests will be entertained by our posse of snail patrolling ducks and other fun-filled activities.

Earth Hour is an event that was designed to be experienced in community, and we encourage you to join us in reducing our neighbourhood’s Carbon Footprint, and enjoy being part of a global commitment to a much brighter future.

Earth Hour @ Avondale Wine – the details

Date: Saturday, 28 March 2015
Time: 18h00 – 21h30
Adults: R350.00 per person all inclusive
Children 7-12yrs: R150.00 per person all inclusive
Under 7yrs: R75.00 per child for Party Box

Food options for vegetarians will also be available.
Prices include live entertainment and fun activities for the whole family, with Avondale’s premium wines free-flowing for those 18 years of age and over.

Residents of Pearl Valley, Val de Vie and Boschenmeer who would like to join us for our low-carbon impact, high style Earth Hour celebration, can please R.S.V.P. to Caelli on 021 863 1976 or email at: caelli@avondalewine.co.za