Avondale sources its elegant, lightweight, glass wine bottles from Vetreria Etrusca in Altare, Italy. While the transportation this requires obviously contributes to Avondale’s carbon footprint, we took a holistic view in assessing the overall, multi-faceted, environmental impact, and arrived at the conclusion that importing our wine bottles from this manufacturer was the most eco-friendly decision we could make.

The reason for this is that Vetreria Estruca goes to extraordinary lengths to protect the environment.  There is not a local glass bottle manufacturer which can currently match their investments in reducing their energy use and waste, protecting water and land.

Vetreria Estruca’s industry-leading environmental standards include:

  • Using the latest anti-pollution technology to protect the facility environment and neighbouring lands
  • Controlling and regularly monitoring all factory emissions
  • Equipping the furnace with an electrostatic filter which utilises lime to capture contaminants from the fumes in a powder form, which is then recycled as a raw material to produce more glass
  • Equipping all silos, which contain primary materials in powder form, with filtration systems that collects the dust
  • Designing all water systems for “closed loop” operations including drains and overflows
  • Recovering water losses from personal use and evaporation
  • Glass cullet formed during production and from external recycling is used to produce new glass so that every product consists of 75% recycled glass
  • State-of-the-art recycling station to effectively manage all other waste at the facility
  • A leading environmental management strategy driven by company’s Board to ensure on-going improvements and innovations